Welcome to our Littlest Gymnasts, where we celebrate the joy of learning and growth!  This specially designed program is aimed at nurturing your child's self-confidence, strength, coordination, motor skills, and personal awareness.  Through engaging activities and interactive play, your child will explore and expand their individual abilities while also developing essential social and listening skills in a fun and supportive environment.
This is a Parent-Participation class.

Duration: 45 Minutes
Ages:  1 & 2 years old

Preschoolers are encouraged to explore and learn new physical skills on various gymnastics apparatus and will be introduced to fundamental tumbling techniques. Your child will develop coordination, strength, and balance.  Beyond physical development, youngsters will also gain invaluable life skills.  As they participate in our classes, they will build self-confidence, enhance their listening skills, and learn important social lessons such as taking turns and being considerate of others.
This is a Parent-Participation class.

Duration: 1 Hour
Ages: 3 & 4

This class is designed for children who can confidently follow visual and verbal instructions.  The skills taught in this class are more advanced than those introduced in the Preschool classes.  Your little athlete will embark on a journey of continuous learning and improvement, mastering gymnastic skills through combinations practiced in a circuit format. 

Duration: 1 Hour
Ages: 5 & younger 6's
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