This class is designed specifically for boys 5 and up. The classes focus on coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. Boys are taught the basics of gymnastics through a progressive method of instruction in a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere.  After introduction to vault, parallel and high bars, pommel horse, rings, floor exercise and trampoline, they will begin developing body awareness along with fundamental and foundational skills that apply not only to gymnastics, but all athletics!  Offered in two age groups: 5-7, 8 & up.  This is a 55 minute class.

Students who have successfully passed skill testing are eligible for this class.  Students will continue to build on the basic concepts and skills in beginning classes, and begin learning more advanced skills on all men’s apparatus. Boys also begin connecting multiple skills together, and focusing more on form and how skills are performed.  This is an all-ages class for boys 5 & up and is a 55 minute class.

Continuing on the progression of the Basic 2 class, Basic 3 boys classes work on more advanced skills, adding more strength and flexibility to their core curriculum.  Students in this class and above are eligible to try out for our competitive teams in the spring.  This is an all-ages class and is a 55 minute class.

Email us at infonapa@masteryofsports.com for our latest class availability.   

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