MASTERY OF NINJA® combines the challenge of learning new physical skills while developing the focus and perseverance needed to execute Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior, and Parkour techniques, empowering your child to accelerate along the path to achieving Mastery of Self.

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This entry-level class introduces an all-new sport discipline inspired by a fusion of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement.  Junior Ninja athletes learn progressive sequences of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks in combination with strength and agility courses.  4-year-old athletes are required to first enroll in the Preschool class and receive authorization from the Preschool class coach in order to progress to Junior Ninja.

Duration: 1 Hour 
Ages:  4 & 5

Ninja 1 builds upon the foundation set in the Junior Ninja class, with a strong focus on developing strength, endurance, and agility through intensive obstacle course training and using our professional-level Ninja Equipment.  Athletes will be challenged and learn to master our 8, 10, or 14-foot Warped Walls.
Duration: 1 Hour
Ages:  6+
Athletes who have successfully passed Ninja 1 skill testing are eligible for this class.  Athletes will continue to cultivate their Ninja skills, strength, and agility by learning, practicing, and mastering more advanced skills.
Duration: 1 Hour
Ages 6+